roving frenzy dubai

Hi! I am Prav – The founder of Roving Frenzy – an online magazine that is about everything FOOD . TRAVEL . LIFESTYLE

They say passion is self-realized and one must pursue it to live a happy life. For years, I’ve lived a life that was challenging, eventful but in many ways not really joyful & definitely not mine. I always dreamt of exploring new countries, meeting new people & tasting new food.

As a young middle-class boy from a small city in Western India, I remember gazing outside the window and looking at airplanes flying over & disappearing in the night horizon.

At that moment, my only wish was to get out of India to any distant land. I was inquisitive about life on the other side of my world. Years later, I ended up in the Middle East that became my home away from home.

Currently in my late 30s, I am living life one day at a time & pursuing my passion. I travel, meet, snap memories & have a discrete relationship with food.

Me and my team at Roving Frenzy passionately:

: Travel Without Maps & Document Journeys

: Taste & Review Food Establishments in All Forms

: Create New Recipes on Weekends

: Meet & Share Experiences

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