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View of Tbilisi from the Top!

Recently, Georgia has become a hot spot for tourists from all around the world. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful country such as finding a perfect mix of Asian and European influences, breathtaking snow covered mountains and skiing, tasting one of the best home-made traditional wines or exploring hundreds of multi-cuisine cafes in the heart of the capital. So if you want to get away from your boring routine life to a place that offers a perfect mix of history, architecture, adventure and good food, book your tickets now.

When I visited Georgia, I was unplanned (as I prefer) but you don’t have to because I will share below a well-planned Itinerary that will allow you cover all the important places in the country within a decent time-frame and budget.


Day 1 [Explore Meidan Sqaure] – As soon as you land and exit the arrivals area, you will be greeted by a host private taxi drivers who are available 24 hours. You have to use your negotiation skills and pay only between 25-35 GEL to the city center. That is the applicable rate. I got my cheap flights from:

I always suggest taking a hotel in the city center (old town) for proximity to nearby attractions and restaurants. Check all the hotel deals and book directly below:


I spent my first day exploring the streets around Meidan Square, a busy and centralized place with tons of interesting cafes and hotels.

Don’t miss out visiting the most prominent statue called Kartlis Deda or the Mother of Georgia by taking the cable car from the station (10 mins walk from Meidan Square). I loved the beautiful views from the top.

Day 2 [City Tour] – If walking is not a problem for you, I recommend exploring the city on foot. However, let me warn you that it is quite some walk from one attraction to the other and walking up hills and stairs is extremely tiring. So I checked myself into the City Sightseeing office located at Rkinis Rigi St. where I was given a straight forward hop on/off schedule of the open bus including but not limited to key attractions like Kote Apkhazi Str., Freedom Square, Peace Bridge, Sulphur Baths and Metekhi Wall. The trip was good, informative and local guides were very friendly and helpful. I personally ignored the Sulphur Baths but if you want to try something new, give it a go! You can book by visiting them directly or online. If you hotel is far form the pick-up point, ask for hotel pickup.

Day 3 – [Kakheti Wine Tour] – If you aren’t fond of wines, now you will be. There are several wine tours outbound Tbilisi but Kakheti is the most sought out region for delicious local food and wine served in a traditional horn locally called Kantsi. I relished the home-made cheese and glass after glass of delicious fresh wines. You also have an option to order food shall your tummy ask for more. There are plenty of guides outside the City Sightseeing office that take small groups in vans. It’s a great way to meet new people and make friends. If you want to see some history on the way, ask your guide to route through David Gareja Monastery Complex.

Day 4 [Gudauri] – A famous ski resort located on the south-facing plateau of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range with an elevation of over 2000 meters, this was one of my most memorable journeys. Our private tour van took us to the base from where we walked a bit to the cable ride that took us to the higher slopes. The view of the snow-covered mountains is breathtaking. For ski enthusiasts or first-timers, ski gear and instructors are available. For foodies, the place offers a delicious menu and chilled hops with the best views in the world.

Day 5 [Mtshketa] – A northern city in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti province of Georgia is home to a number of monasteries, cathedrals and a small, peaceful town with lovely people. Make your first stop at Jvari, a 6th century monastery and a UNESCO World Heritage site located on the mountain top overlooking the confluence of Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers. Don’t forget to carry your jackets as it can get really windy. Next move to the another UNESCO World Heritage site, the Svetitskhoveli orthodox cathedral that has stood the test of time since the 4th century. Finally, visit the beautiful town of Mtshketa for traditional shopping and food.

Day 6 [Leisure / Botanical Garden] – I highly recommend spending your final day at leisure and giving your body a break. However, if you still want to make the most of your time, visit the Tbilisi Botanical Garden for to see 4500 taxonomic plant groups, natural waterfall and water streams. Start in the morning, take it slow as this 161 hectare property can tire you out. The place is about 2 Kms from the Meidan Square so you have option to dine on your way back to the hotel.


  1. Currency – Always carry the local currency i.e. Georgian Lari. (1 USD = 2.66 Georgian Lari)
  2. Gypsy Beggars – You will be bothered by beggars in Tbilisi so always keep your wallet/purse and camera secure. Do not entertain or offer anything to anyone if you don’t want the entire clan to follow you. I also recommend leaving your essential jewelry before traveling.
  3. Comfort Shoes – There is a significant around of walk involves so I recommend packing lite/comfort shoes or chappals.
  4. Jackets – Few attractions are at the top of hills that are home to wind chills. Carry windshields. If you are visiting Gudauri, pack warm jackets, socks and shoes.
  5. Authorized Tours – Always travel with authorized or legal tour companies. I planned my entire travel by visiting the City Sightseeing office where I was further connected with Private Tour Group

I hope you will enjoy visiting Georgia as much as I did and create some beautiful memories. DON’T FORGET to check my Instagram page for more beautiful pictures from Georgia.

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