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I’ve always been a clutter-headed guy who has difficulty in sorting, prioritizing & communicating thoughts. My actions have proved hilariously disastrous & led me into embarrassing situations.

So when someone suggested me to start a blog about what I do best (Eat & Travel), my jumbled up mind came to an abrupt stop. The clutter was flushed away to a sink hole deep inside my brain and doubts about executing the idea pondered.

Exciting it was but where to start? Pictures vs data vs videos? Regular dates with Google and hot coffee mugs expanded my pot of thoughts. A couple of days back I flipped through my travel diaries & picked up a place for my first blog & yet yesterday my mind was at square one, just like a clean white canvas.

I was nervous about public opinion and was growing impatient. I’ve always had problems writing out my mind. It’s just that I don’t think I decorate my words or sentences enough to do justice to my thoughts, making me the famous misunderstood. My sister on the other hand thinks otherwise. Anyways.. I hit a dead end.

So finally, this windy evening, I bought a hot coffee and went for a stroll to clear my mind and that’s literally what I did. Call it magic caffeine or the sweet smell of barbecue from the restaurant next door that did the trick, I ditched all my research/plans & decided to go old school & carefree, exactly the way my mind is when I take up a new journey or put my taste buds into action.

So today I officially begin to share my diaries about some exciting, tasty & very random journeys. Please subscribe & stick around..

Roving Frenzy!

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