My Anti-Bucket List of 2019: Which one do you want to skip?


anti-bucket list

We all make New Year resolutions and research says only 25% stay committed but what about things you don’t ever want to do in your lifetime? Here’s my anti-bucket list to remove unnecessary pressure from my life. What’s yours?

bungee jumping anti-bucket list

Bungee Jumping

I’ve been phobic to heights for as long as I can remember and have been laughed at for being a wuss. This is #1 on my anti-bucket list.

swimming with sharks anti-bucket list

Swim with Sharks

Movies like Deep Blue Sea and Jaws leave an impact on your mind plus I think I don’t like the possibility of chunks being eaten out of my body. Regulated beaches are just fine!

skydiving anti-bucket list


Although there is a .0007% chance of fatality in skydiving, my fear of heights and the thought of being helpless few thousand meters in the air gives me jitters.

horror movies anti-bucket list

Watch Horror Movies

Majority of the horror movies being total crap, I want to avoid watching anything that’s senseless, negative and waste of time.

work for a moron anti-bucket list

Work for a Moron

This was long due and I’ve had my share of feeding incompetent and stupid bosses. Out of the window!

peer pressure drinking anti-bucket list

Drink Due to Peer Pressure

Drinking under pressure is about entertaining others and getting a hangover in return. No, Sir!

dance anti-bucket list

Shy Away from Dancing

I get a feet-freeze at parties & quickly find a cozy corner where no one can find me and drag me to the dance floor. Now, I’ll choose the beat to take off some heat!

shopping anti-bucket list

Buy More than I Need

Sale here, Sale there, stuff so much that my Storage Can’t Bear! I’ll not be lured anymore!

spicy wings anti-bucket challenge

Take a Spicy Chicken Wings Challenge

I am a big man with a gigantic appetite for wings and forever fascinated with Adam Richman’s ghost-chili wings challenge on Man vs Food. So I created my own challenge at home that went terribly wrong! I’ll still eat like a king but not with ghost-chilies.

no emotional baggage anti-bucket list

Forgive but Never Forget

An unhealthy habit of mine to close doors for those who were unkind to me. Thanks to meditation, every day is now a new beginning!

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