This is the World’s Best Restaurant with a $60 Menu


wolfgat worlds best restaurant

South Africa’s Wolfgat restaurant bags the award for World’s Best Restaurant in Paris on Monday, 18th February, 2019.

This hidden gem is located in the oldest fishing village of Paternoster and housed in a 130 year old building.

Led by Chef Kobus van der Merwe, the world’s best restaurant is known for it’s picturesque views and fresh food made from native ingredients foraged daily from the Atlantic shore and nearby surroundings.

Interestingly, Chef is a catering college dropout who never liked the idea of cooking in an industrial kitchen.

He went on traveling for inspiration, worked as an online journalist and later came to Paternoster to help his parents with their country store and restaurant.

In 2016, he decided to put a team together and embark on his vision to create Wolfgat, a restaurant with humble setting and non-pretentious food.

His aim is to serve scrumptious food with localized ocean catch, farm-fed meat and wild herbs without tampering the originality. He named his 7-course menu “Strandveld food” that costs only $60 (R850) per person.

Wolfgat doesn’t fall short on service despite employing six local staff with no formal restaurant training. The restaurant serves lunch from Wednesday-Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings.

According to World Restaurant Awards website, “If mother nature erected a sign saying ‘build restaurant here’, it would surely point to Wolfgat. Chosen from all the inspected big plates, our inaugural Restaurant of the Year is a small, remote haven of purity and good taste in every sense”.

The restaurant only books 20 diners per sitting and serves lamb, seafood, venison and veldkos, prepared with seasonal greens and seaweed from the local rock pools. Wolfgat was also named the the best off-map destination at the awards.


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