Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas


It’s all about love on the 14th of Feb and there is no better day to express it to your better half or date. Mostly couples choose romantic dinners at fancy restaurants but there are so many ideas that can make your day special. Take a look at some of the things you can try out this Valentine.

  1. Ice Skating – The first thought of ice skating with your date takes you to the beautiful Rokerfeller Ice Ring in New York which is one of the most romantic places for couples to spend their evening, especially during Christmas. However, in Dubai you can visit the Ice Ring at Dubai Mall by booking your tickets online. Price for Public Session is AED 75/-, Snowfall Session is AED 95/- and DJ Night Disco is AED 115/- person.
  2. Quality Time at Home – If you want an uninterrupted evening to yourselves, take the classic approach. Decorate your living space with some fairy lights, put on good music, have fun by cooking a meal together, sip wine and watch a romantic movie for a truly memorable evening.
  3. Movie + Walk at the Beach – Movie on Valentine’s Day may be a thing of the early 90s but it still tops the list for many couples. It doesn’t have to be a romantic movie but a genre that both of you like or something that none of you have ever tried. Take a few take-away food packs and head to the beach to enjoy walks amid the relaxing sound of waves.
  4. Spa Time – Step away from your stressful or busy lives and calm your nerves by booking an Ayurveda, Belinese or Thai massages. If you look up online deals in advance, you can get a 60 minute session at a five start facility for under AED 300 per person.
  5. Watch the Sunset at Jebel Jais – For couples who are fond of taking long drives, drive to Jebel Jais mountains in Ras Al Khaimah for cool winds, amazing views and the best sunset in UAE. Pick up any safe spot alongside the road and enjoy your picnic bags. Thrill seekers can also try out the world’s longest zipline.
  6. Organize a Potluck – House parties are always fun but shouldn’t break your pocket. Moreover, no one wants to work on a Valentine’s day. Couples-Only Potluck is a great opportunity to karaoke, dance and enjoy a variety of different cuisines along with your friends. You can plan out few fun games as well.
  7. Boat Ride – Dubai Marina has a lot of companies that offer boat rides and rentals. Carry your lunch and hop on to one of the speed boats, enjoy dipping in clear blue waters and clink your glasses at sunset for a romantic experience. Prices start at AED 350 for a 3 hour trip.
  8. Camping – UAE has beautiful camp sites such as Jebel Jais, Lahbab Sands, Rub Al Khali, UAQ Beach and Hajjar Mountains. Barbeque or light a small campfire, built a tent and spend the night under stars. Ready-to-grill marinated chicken and meat are easily available easily at major supermarkets. If you are inexperienced, camping as a group is quick fun and less tiring.
  9. Couple Yoga/Meditation & Brunch – This is fun, healthy, super relaxing and allows a lot of face time if your work life has put your relationship on the back seat. After your session, go for swim and grab a healthy brunch. Deal websites in Dubai have lot of offers for yoga and pool access + brunch.
  10. Weekend Getaway – Since this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, make the most of the weekend and take a short trip to a place that is special to both of you. It could be your home town, the place where you first met, a hill station or a new destination that you always wanted to explore.


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